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About Us - History: 1952-1975

Parsow's Fine Clothing was founded by Omaha businessman, Sol Parsow.

Sol's dream began shortly after World War II. Stationed in Omaha during the War, he met Lee Jane Greenberg and realized Omaha was the place he wanted to begin his retailing career. After the war, he returned to Omaha to marry Lee Jane.

Growing up in New York City, the fashion capitol of the world, Sol learned all he could about men's clothing and furnishings. In 1952, Sol opened his first store, a seven-hundred-square-foot haberdashery, next to Omaha's famous Orpheum Theater. After eleven successful years there, Sol contacted prominent Omaha businessman Peter Kiewit about building "the best looking men's store you've ever seen," in Kiewit's new office plaza across from the Blackstone Hotel. "I worked from dawn to dusk to finish that store," Sol recalled. Opened in 1963, the new twenty-one-hundred-square-foot store flourished for more than a

decade. Sol's oldest son, Alan, who retired from the store in 1980, was instrumental in its success.

In 1974, Sol saw the chance to build his final "dream store." He envisioned a "French village under glass," with Parsow's being the centerpiece. Including courtyards, waterfalls and cobblestone streets it would be a miniature town with European flair. Working with his customary drive and determination, the following year Sol's dream came to fruition.

November 1975, marked the opening of Parsow's magnificent fifty-six-hundred-square-foot store in what is now called the Regency Court. In 1982, Sol's sons, David and Steven, started the "new" Parsow's on the path towards not just local but national recognition. Larry Ginsburg became a partner in 1989 when Sol retired. Through creating exciting weekly Trunk Shows and special events unlike any store in America, Parsow's generates excitement all year long.

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Parsow's: History, 1952-1975

Above: Parsow's original store opened in 1952 next to Omaha's famous Orpheum Theatre.

Parsow's has been named one of the "Top 100 Specialty Stores in America" by Esquire magazine for four consecutive years.

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